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About Us

Elok Trading Japan LLC is an Indonesian halal food product importer company.
In November 2009 finding halal food in Japan was difficult. Based on that personal experience, In 2010 we starting an online business on Facebook called “リンちゃんのインドネシアのたべものやさん”. Using an online platform we could serve some of our Indonesian friends. Besides that, we developed our business using a small vehicle, and now to using a minibus to marketing our product directly to our Indonesian customer lives whose come to Japan as a worker, student, and nurse.
To meet the growing needs of Indonesian product we decided to establish Elok Trading Japan LLC on December 16th, 2016. As a bridge between Indonesia and Japan, we try to contribute to the halal market in Japan.
Now we have two business channels. First, through Elok Trading Japan LLC we try to meet the halal food need in Japan by importing Indonesian halal products. Second, through Toko Elok as our retail store, we try to reach our customers directly both by online store tokoelok.com and directly using our minibus store. Both of our business channels are supported by our team that young and have a lot of potentials.
We hope that our company can contribute to the halal market in Japan so that many Muslims can easily consume halal products in Japan.